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Whirldz: Abstract Acrylic Fluid Art by Marsia Shuron 

Whirldz are fun and encourage imagination. Can you find any faces, places, or other worlds? Relax and let your imagination run free! If you have any questions or are interested in commissioning your own Whirldz, please do Get in Touch.

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Photo: Veronica Krulish

Photo: Veronica Krulish

2018 Pieces:

Last Step... most of these Whirldz are available to you. They are only awaiting the epoxy finish, the last step, and the icing on the cake! The non toxic, clear as glass resin that Marsia uses, helps the image to "pop," giving clarity and definition to the details. Whirldz are unique Fluid Art paintings. If you would like a Whirld of your own, easily purchase your choice(s) below.

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Gallery Photos:

*You may want to play with the image orientation. If you are able, rotate the picture to see which view you like best.

“Oh Marsia, it is so incredibly beautiful. I am honored to have this exquisite piece of your work... It is even more beautiful than I expected.” Becky


*All pieces are finished with a clear as glass epoxy resin, that is non toxic, FDA approved food safe, UV resistant, scratch resistant, heat resistant, hard and durable. 

2017 Pieces:


“I love it! It’s better than it was online. Thank you...” Geoffrey 

New! Functional Art

In the Making! 

Whirldz Tabletops

Whirldz Tabletops

Fluid Art Classes


Commissions welcome! Your Whirld will be a unique work of art, made especially for you. You choose the shape and size (18" circle, 24" circle, 24x24 square), 2-4 colors (Note: white is added to your choice of colors. It is used for definition, contrast. and blending. If you prefer not to have white, no problem, it can be omitted). If you are not sure what colors would be best for you, answer a few simple questions: How do colors make you feel? What colors are exciting and energizing? What colors are more peaceful and calming? Once you choose the details, Marsia will get to making the magic! If you are interested in commissioning a piece, please send your Request to Marsia. 

© Marsia S. Harris 2018 

*Please allow 6-8 weeks for your completed piece.   

Become A Sponsor

Become A Sponsor And Receive A Unique Whirld Made Especially For you! 

By being a sponsor, your support goes directly toward supplies and the creation of new Whirldz art. If you would like to support Marsia Shuron and her creative endeavors, this is one way that you can help:  

Become a Sponsor! Donate $100. or more, and as a gift, you will receive a Whirld of Your Own, custom made Just for you.  

Click the Yellow Donate Button and you will be directed to a secure payment site (Paypal). If you prefer to use a check or money order, mail to: Marsia S. Harris,  P.O.Box 194 Wendell, MA. 01379  

Your generosity is greatly appreciated. 


Thanks So Much For your Support!

Your purchases and donations are greatly appreciated. They help to keep this website up and running, and me as an artist, creating. I hope you continue to come back and enjoy my work. Thank You! Much Love, Marsia

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