It's been 6 long weeks since my nephews’ beautiful spirit left this physical plane. I think about him every day. It's also been 6 long weeks since I prepared a good meal for myself. I just haven’t felt like…

Aligning Your Stories with Your Desires

This is coming up next month and I do hope you will come. Check it out:
Healing the Stories We Tell Ourselves with Mother Turtle Presents:

Aligning Your Stories With Your Desires

This is a powerful way to see…

MattMan and a Better World

My nephew Matthew was brutally beaten, and killed. We're all so sad, yet are lifted by memories and funny anecdotes, like what my oldest nephew reflected to us at Matts' memorial service. He talked about how every time he looked…

Short and Simple Blog


Today is a good day. I am grateful. The end.

Connecticut River/Pioneer Valley - View from Mt. Sugarloaf, S. Deerfield, Massachusetts

Behind The Song "Picture"


Written by Marsia Shuron Harris  
Performed by Aye   
Produced by David Tortolano and Aye  
Recorded by David Tortolano/Cosmo Recording

This song is one of my personal favorites. I wrote it on a rainy day in a loft overlooking…

Healing Our Stories

It is a most powerful act to bring our focus into awakening our consciousness. In doing this it becomes apparent that we not only are the actors in this great play called life, but we are also the authors and…


Take Back Your Mind - The Bright Side

We often forget how powerful our thoughts are. This is not solely of our own doing, we are greatly affected by the ton of stimuli being fired at us every second of the day. Between the mass marketing of unhealthy…

Quick and Yummy

I'm in writing mode today. Music is flowing and I wanted a quick something to eat. I was not willing to distract myself from my musings long enough to make a meal so, tearing through the frig I discovered the…

Behind The Song: Betty

Written by Marsia Shuron Harris 
Performed by Aye  
Produced by David Tortolano and Aye 
Recorded by David Tortolano/Cosmo Recording

My first day in Key West (late Fall 1992) – I was walking on the beach and approaching a woman…

Sucked In!

A friend and I were canoeing down the Chattahoochie river, when after going down a crazy waterfall, we were sucked into a hydraulic. For those who don’t know (as neither of us knew at the time), a strong hydraulic current…