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Marsia Shuron Harris, aka Mother Turtle is an artist - singer, composer, photographer, fluid painter, and Personal Development Coach. Welcome to the new portal for all things Mother Turtle! While you are here, listen to music, check out the merchandise, watch video, read Mothers' blog, and peek at the Now page to see what she's up to. You'll find links to Mothers' other websites as well as info about Healing the Stories Workshop, Mother Turtle Photography, and  "Whirldz of Imagination" art by Marsia Shuron. Some pages are under construction, and more new music, images, and workshops, are in the making, so please do come back again. Thanks for stopping by! 

"Phoenix Rising"

"Phoenix Rising"

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Acrylic Fluid Artwork by Marsia Shuron

Photo: Veronica Krulish

Photo: Veronica Krulish

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*Supper & Songs Video Series. Episodes include guests, enlivened conversation, on location adventures, art, artists, Mother Turtle Music and various subjects of upliftment! 

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Healing The Stories...

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Unifier Festival

Workshop with Mother Turtle


Healing The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Stepping Stone Yoga Studio, Jeffersonville, VT

Workshop with Mother Turtle

If you would like to learn about my work, or book a portrait session, or simply peruse the gallery, you will find more info on the website. 

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