House Concerts

What is a House Concert?  
House concerts are music events hosted by music fans. A house concert can be held in a living room, on a deck or patio. Some house concerts are held in community clubhouses, churches or libraries. A house concert can be a stand alone event or be held as part of a birthday, anniversary or other celebration. House Concerts are private events and can be attended by invitation only, making them unique opportunities to experience music and the people who make it, up close and personal. In a quiet listening environment, the stories behind the songs and the process of the songwriter come to life. 
How does it work? 
A music fan (host) opens her house to musicians to use as a concert hall. Hosts typically invite friends and family (from ten to fifty folks) to the house concert and a donation is suggested ($10-$20+ per person). The host may also provide refreshments or ask attendees to bring a covered dish or snack or other food or beverage item to share. The host and musician determine a start time and break and stop time. Musicians are encouraged to sell merchandise and retain all income from sales and donations. The host provides accommodations (if needed) and meals to the musician. 

Why a house concert?  

A house concert is an intimate way to experience music and the people who make it. Imagine hearing the stories behind the songs. Imagine being privy to the personal connection between a musician's soul and creative spirit. Imagine being able to ask questions of the musician about how they got started on their musical journey, what keeps them motivated and how the songwriting process works for them. A conversation with a musician on this level is indeed a magical experience! 

How can I host a House Concert with Mother Turtle?  
It's easy! Get in touch. Mother Turtle is based in New England USA. She enjoys traveling to play for you!

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