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Fluid Art Homestead Retreats

Come, unplug, practice self care, create and play, rejuvenate! 

For individuals and couples who want to be close to nature, and do not need all of the frills associated with high priced retreat centers. We invite you to a family HOMESTEAD in beautiful Western Massachusetts, where you can roam the land, BE FREE, CREATIVE, PAMPER YOURSELF, and simply enjoy the PEACE & QUIET. Marsia has created this opportunity to help you UNPLUG, REFUEL, RELAX, and DISCOVER NEW WAYS to negotiate modern day stress, and ENHANCE WELLBEING. NATURE and FLUID ART both have the power to uplift, and Iinspire your life experience. This unique "getaway" is yours for the designing. Get in touch and let's talk about the possibilities!  

Marsia Harris aka Mother Turtle, is an artist, certified coach, and creator of "Healing The Stories We tell Ourselves with Mother Turtle." For the last 15 years she has lived amongst the forest where she has undergone her own personal journey of transformation. She's passionate about helping people gain perspective, and find new and powerful ways to approach living fulfilling lives. For this retreat, she combines 3 of her loves: Fluid Art, Nature, and Personal Development. Join her for this wonderful Woodland Retreat and Healing Arts Exploration.

Retreats include: 

  • Two night stay 
  • Charming, rustic accommodations, in a beautiful setting, on a 10 acre homestead with apple trees, grapevines, trout stream, and swimming hole! Near hiking trails and State Forest.
  • Fluid Art For Wellbeing Playshop with Mother Turtle 
  • "Start Your Day Off Right" session, and a healthy morning smoothie, Yum!
  • Plenty of fresh air, green grass, clean water, and time to rest and explore

*Additional services and wellness modalities are also available for an added fee: 

  • Meals - prepared or take-out. 
  • Log Fired Sauna 
  • Massage and Bodywork 
  • Yoga
  • Coaching and Personal Development Sessions 
  • Photography Lessons 
  • Beginner Guitar and Songwriting Instruction 
  • Guided Hikes and Tours 
  • Canoeing
  • Fishing
  • Seasonal Experiences like Maple Sugaring, Apple Picking and Cider Making.



Sign Up and Purchase Your Retreat 

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Your Accommodations:

The space: Rural Oasis! Quiet, comfortable treetop room in a custom finished barn. Large yoga/dance/stretching/bodywork studio adjacent. Bar and tea area, Phoenix waterless toilet system, outdoor shower, on 10 acres next to state forest! Local hardwoods throughout. Lots of light, ventilation, Vermont Castings gas wood stove, beautiful view. Short trips for dining and exploring in Greenfield, Amherst, Northampton and Brattleboro. 30 minutes from Shelburne Falls and the Bridge of Flowers! Explore the forest, waters and towns of the "Happy Valley" on your own, or design a custom retreat! *Please note: There is a hot and cold spring water unit in the barn loft. The outdoor shower is lovely and just behind the house. An indoor shower is available for the winter months. The Barn itself does not have running water. 

Fluid Art Playshop:

Fluid Art (Acrylic Paint Pouring) is both relaxing, and utterly exhilarating! Learn this abstract modern art technique from Fluid Artist and Certified Coach, Marsia Shuron Harris, and integrate her "Flowosophy" into your life for health and well being. it's all about flow, you know? How are you flowing in your life? What are you resisting? Where are you getting caught up? How can you bring more joy into your life, and better "go with the flow?" Join Mother Turtle for this exciting Fluid Art experience. 

Start Your Day off Right Session

Enjoy a healthy Morning Smoothie with Mother Turtle and a “Start Your Day Off Right” session,  that helps you to feel uplifted, encouraged, and eager for the day. Everyone knows what it feels like to wake up with a million things on your mind. If there is negative emotion present, you tend to carry that with you throughout the day, go to bed with it at night, and wake up again with it staring you right in the face! Marsia will introduce you to a powerful morning practice that helps to increase a sense of "flow" and ease in your daily life. It is easy to implement and helps to bring you emotional balance, even in the face of overwhelm. A valuable tool for these times. 

Click on image to learn more about Fluid Art.

Click on image to learn more about Fluid Art.

View of the Pioneer Valley and surrounding hill towns from atop Mount Sugarloaf - within 30 minutes from the homestead.

View of the Pioneer Valley and surrounding hill towns from atop Mount Sugarloaf - within 30 minutes from the homestead.