Mother Turtle

This song has been "on the shelf" for nearly 10 years. It has felt like Moby Dick, or Mount Everest, or some other insurmountable feat. Which is why it stayed silent, and “on the shelf.” I let go of it, and it went unnoticed until a few days ago, when I listened and I said, "It’s enough." Better that it be heard, than not. It looks like it’s time to share the song. Here it is. Earthstory: Written and Produced by Marsia Shuron Harris/BMI Performed by Mother Turtle: Marsia Shuron - vocals, acoustic guitar ~ Ethan Stone - keys ~Busta B. - drums ~Peter Kim - bass ~Alejandro Fuentealba - Synth, electric guitar ~Atticus Robbins - elec. guitar ~Abigail Houghton - backing vocals ~Laney Goodman - backing vocals ~Sara Schley - backing vocals ~ALisa Starkweather - spoken word ~Recorded by Garrett Sawyer at Northfire Recording Studio Amherst, MA. ~Recorded and Mixed by Angelo Quaglia at Northfire Recording Studio Amherst, MA. Additional recording by Marsia Shuron, Busta B., Alejandro Fuentealba ~Mastered by...

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