Mother Turtle

This song has felt like Moby Dick, or Mount Everest, or some other insurmountable feat. Which is why it stayed silent for nearly 10 years. I had let go of it, and it went unnoticed until a few days ago, when I listened and said, "It’s enough." Better that it be heard, than not. It looks like it’s time to share the song. Here it is. Earthstory: Written and Produced by Marsia Shuron Harris/BMI Performed by Mother Turtle: Marsia Shuron - vocals, acoustic guitar ~ Ethan Stone - keys ~Busta B. - drums ~Peter Kim - bass ~Alejandro Fuentealba - Synth, electric guitar ~Atticus Robbins - elec. guitar ~Abigail Houghton - backing vocals ~Laney Goodman - backing vocals ~Sara Schley - backing vocals ~ALisa Starkweather - spoken word ~Recorded by Garrett Sawyer at Northfire Recording Studio Amherst, MA. ~Recorded and Mixed by Angelo Quaglia at Northfire Recording Studio Amherst, MA. Additional recording by Marsia Shuron, Busta B., Alejandro Fuentealba ~Mastered by...

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