Cry For The Sea

When I die 
Do not cry for me 
Cry for life 
and those who cannot speak 
Cry for humanity 
Cry for democracy 
Cry for the elderly 
and all atrocities 
Cry for the Sea 
Cry for the Sea 
but don't cry for me 

I lived a good life 
Living out my dreams 
And I die 
and now I bow out gratefully 
So cry for lost histories 
Cry for the dying breeds 
Cry about the lies and greed 
And those who are not free 
Cry for the Sea 
Cry for the Sea 
Cry for the Sea 
Cry for the Sea 
but don't cry for me 

Will we stand here in fear  
while the things we love disappear 
the next generations' memories 
Or will we stand up and claim 
a world that's just and humane 
Love is what we need 
Love is what we need 
Love is what we need 

Cry for the Sea 
Cry for the Sea 
Cry for the Sea 
Cry for the Sea 

Badu dadu dadu  
badu dadu da du dah… 
Don't, don't, don't, cry for me 
Don't cry for me 
Cry for the Sea 
Cry for the Sea 

Badu dadu dadu  
badu dadu da du dah… 
Don't, don't, don't cry for me. 

Words and Music © 2023 Marsia Shuron Harris/BMI

Written by Marsia Shuron Harris/BMI 
Performed by Mother Turtle
Produced by Mother Turtle and Adrienne Z. 
Arranged by Adrienne Z. 
Recorded by Garrett Sawyer at
Northfire Recording Studio, Amherst, MA.  
Additional recording - Adrienne Z. at                     Conchtown Sounds, Marathon, FL.
Mixed and Mastered by Steve Schwartzberg, Kaui, HI.  
Mother Turtle - vocals, piano 
Adrienne Z. - vocals, acoustic guitar, keys                     Steven Cravis - piano
Ade Bayo - drums  
Garrett Sawyer - bass   
Geigel Tony Gonzalez - congas, bata
Pavla Hruban - violin
Mark Simcox - cello
Guy Titus - violin
Hanna Kompier - Trumpet 
Atticus Robbins - guitar  
Cover illustration - Etimbuk Edet

Special Thanks to the folks that helped make it happen: Adrienne Z. for embarking on this journey with me. It was quite the feat and she did a magnificent job arranging this baby, as well as adding her beautiful voice in just the right places. It's always a pleasure to sing with you Z! Industry veteran and engineer extraorninaire, Steve Schwartzberg (now deceased), I am so grateful that you took this project on. It's been a long road, thanks for sticking it out and delivering the goods! You're the best. To my Brotha Turtle, Ade Bayo, thanks for laying it down on the drums. I've said it a million times, "you really do feel me musically," and I love that! Thank you for being such an amazing musician and friend, as well as an important part of my music over the last many years. I will always call you “my” drummer! Steven Cravis, it’s so wonderful to have you and your charmed fingers on this record! So sweet. Garrett Sawyer, I am grateful not only for your engineering skill, but also for your rooted bass playing. It was great to work with you. You continue to get the "Nicest Guy In The World" award! It's really so true. Thank you! A big thanks to all of the musicians for sharing your unique talents, and to Kris Estes for photographing the Northfire session, to ALisa Starkweather for encouraging me to write this song, and to all of you who listen, download and share my music widely. Thank you! 
Lastly, let us be reminded that the human body is made up of over 70% water, and coincidentally (there really are no coincidences), more than 70 percent of Earth is covered in water. Without it, all living things perish (except for maybe the cockroach!). Water = Life. We must care for our waters for our own sake, and for the sake of the next generations. All life deserves clean water so that it can live. Please get involved, in whatever way you can, to help save our water sources from contamination. Demand action and clean up of those areas already contaminated. It's really important. The Sea needs our help. The nuclear reactors at Fukushima have been leaking into the Pacific Ocean for many years now. Cesium has been found along the California coast. Oil spills continue at alarming rates. Pollution, over fishing and the brutal killing of whales must stop. Please stay informed. Blessings to the waters. Blessings to you and yours. Be well. Be free.