Fluid Art Acrylic Pouring Classes in Montague Massachusetts. Resin Art Instruction. Fluid Art/Acrylic Pouring lessons. Epoxy Resin.

Experience The Magical Whirld Of Fluid Art

Acrylic Pour Painting and Resin Art Instruction. BRING MOTHER TURTLE TO YOU! Do you have a space or know of a venue that would love to host this Playshop? Get in touch.

What's Happening:

Fluid Art Immersion Series! Dates and times can be customized for your convenience. Payment Options Available. See below for details. INFO and SIGN UP.

PRIVATE INSTRUCTION: Available Mon-Sun Schedule Anytime! Individuals and small groups. Info Below

"This was such a great time - the instruction was really clear and helped us all get wonderful results every time we poured the paint - the gasps of delight at what manifested as we poured said it all. looking forward to the next class for sure - thanks to Marsia Shuron Harris for a wonderful afternoon of creativity" Lucy 

Photos: Cora Chase, Patty Smythe, Jayne Rubenstein, Linda Upton Mixter