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"When things feel hopeless, I sing this song and feel better." A.D.

Rise Up! 

I wrote this simple little chant and it seems to be making it’s way around the world via the Red Tent Movie and the glorious world wide web. Not too long ago it was recorded in Hebrew and Arabic by Israeli and Palestinian women, together in solidarity. I know, right? Then recently, Beautiful Chorus recorded it, and that got me thinking…
What if I ask people to record this song in as many languages as possible?

Would anybody do it?

The answer is in the mystery but the thought of it gets me very excited! Here’s the Dream:
“Rise Up” in every language! It's a big dream so let's get started... 

How Many Languages Can We Record This Song In? 
* These recordings are NOT for commercial use without permission from the author.

1. Record your version of “Rise Up”
2. Send a video, wav or mp3 file via email or Google Drive to:
All tracks will be posted here, for others to learn from and enjoy. 

Written Translations?
Written translations are desired from all corners of the earth! If you see a language already listed but have a different interpretation, feel free to send that in. They will each be listed below. Send translations to: with Rise Up in the subject field.

My Intention is to inspire people across the earth to raise their voices in support of all life, and a more compassionate world. 
Thanks for helping to create the dream!  
Peace & love, 

 Original Lyrics in American English:

"Rise Up" 
by Marsia Shuron Harris/BMI

Women (People) of the world are gathering 
Together we’re creating 
A world unafraid of feeling 
We’re initiating healing 
So rise up rise up rise up 
Rise up rise up rise up 
Rise up rise up rise up 
Rise up rise up rise up 


Your Version of "Rise Up" Here: