Healing The Stories We Tell Ourselves

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Bethesda, Maryland

Bethesda, Maryland

Healing the Stories We Tell Ourselves with Mother Turtle is a unique interactive personal enrichment experience that helps you to uncover and let go of your limiting beliefs and the "stories" that you tell yourself because of them. These stories do not empower or uplift you. Instead, they stop you in your tracks, have you thinking you are not enough, and rob you of your joy, dreams and freedom. Wouldn't you agree, it's time for these stories to go? More

The 180 Minute Experience This is the enhanced Healing The Stories We Tell Ourselves and the most presented HTS experience. Here you are able to take a little more time with your stories and dive a bit deeper into yourself, to uncover the limiting beliefs that stop you in your tracks, and hold your dreams and happiness hostage. We will travel together on a magnificent journey, where you will see yourself as the exceptional being that you are. You will know this place and be inspired to take back your power and live the life you desire. Come, join us!   

Full Day Experiences Available upon request

Private Sessions ​Groups or Individuals 

Special Events Unique opportunities to shift your stories 

Coaching work one on one with Marsia as she helps you to uncover and clear, what is limiting your life experience. 

Speaking Engagements Marsia's inspirational speaking style is a great addition to your programs and conferences.  

Schools inspiring youth to value themselves and each other. 

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Photo: Nathalie Jackson

Photo: Nathalie Jackson

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