Healing The Stories We Tell Ourselves

HTS Bethesda, MD

HTS Bethesda, MD

Online Sessions Now Available!

Join Mother Turtle online for a 90 minute Coaching or Healing The Stories session. Get in touch and let’s talk about your desires, freedom, and peace of mind. Contact Mother Turtle Today To Set Up An Appointment! You will be so glad that you took this step toward your personal growth, health, and empowerment.

Healing the Stories We Tell Ourselves with Mother Turtle is a unique interactive personal enrichment experience that helps you to uncover and let go of your limiting beliefs and the "stories" that you tell yourself because of them. These stories do not empower or uplift you. Instead, they stop you in your tracks, have you thinking you are not enough, and rob you of your joy, dreams and freedom. Wouldn't you agree, it's time for these stories to go?

The 180 Minute Experience This is the enhanced Healing The Stories We Tell Ourselves and the most presented HTS experience. Here you are able to take a little more time with your stories and dive a bit deeper into yourself, to uncover the limiting beliefs that stop you in your tracks, and hold your dreams and happiness hostage. We will travel together on a magnificent journey, where you will see yourself as the exceptional being that you are. You will know this place and be inspired to take back your power and live the life you desire. Come, join us!   

Full Day Experiences Available upon request

Private Sessions ​Groups or Individuals 

Coaching work one on one with Marsia as she helps you to reach your goals and desires by helping you to uncover and clear, what is limiting your life experience, making way for new experiences and more of what you really want. 

Speaking Engagements

Marsia's inspirational speaking style is a great addition to your programs and conferences. She inspires all to value themselves, each other, and the planet we live upon. She takes the audience on a journey that engages the senses and goes right to the heart. Marsia's voice is medicine to many, and she uses it through story and song to create unity among us. Her songs can lift us to great heights, raising awareness while offering comfort. Hearts are opened, spirits lifted, and a memorable, shared experience had by all. Get in touch.

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Live Online Workshops
Private Sessions Available!

Did You Know?

You can bring Healing the Stories We Tell Ourselves with Mother Turtle to you and your own community, group of friends and invited guests! Open the PDF at the link below to learn how!

HOW TO HOST AN HTS EXPERIENCE FOR SMALL PRIVATE GROUPS Here are the basics for hosting a Healing the Stories We Tell Ourselves workshop. Click the link to open the PDF. 227 KB