Healing Our Stories

It is a most powerful act to bring our focus into awakening our consciousness. In doing this it becomes apparent that we not only are the actors in this great play called life, but we are also the authors and architects. Much of what we construct in our realities stems from the stories that we tell ourselves. What we think and feel really does matter, and plays a huge role in what we experience. Now this is wonderful news if we are focused on what we want, opposed to what we don't want. However, for those stories that cause us inner unrest and continue to hold our attention, we unconsciously feed into our own pain and suffering. Becoming conscious of the stories that we tell ourselves and how they affect us, is essential to our  happiness and well being.  

Today is a good day to shift an old worn out belief. It's not so much about changing the story as it is about shifting our relationship to the story and the way we are seeing. If I tell myself the story that fat girls are not attractive and I live my life believing this (which I did for many years), then what I am essentially telling myself is that I am not good enough. As a Black American woman, this message of not being enough is centuries old. Heck, as a woman period, I know this story well, as it too has been passed down for centuries by way of patriarchal rule. This and many other stories deserve our attention and healing.  

How do we shift our stories, stop the tapes from running in our heads, and heal our old wounds? You may be surprised at my suggestion. It is quite simple yet most effective. We can waste a lot of time "trying." Just decide. Nothing happens until their is a decision made. With the decision comes momentum and purpose. With purpose comes direction and strength. Once we decide that we want to take back our power, we do. It's time to stop believing the lies. Stop. Correct yourself every time you hear those old moldy stories come up. Create a new script. Look from another perspective. Project your desires, not your worries. Shifting perspective gives a new view, and helps to lighten the load we have been carrying for far too long. In becoming lighter, we are better able to fly! When we shift our vision, we shift our experience. This is how I believe we can heal our deepest hurts, and embody the strength, power and beauty that we have always been. 

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