Adrienne Z. and Mother T.  Photo: Kris Estes

AyeMusic is a collaboration between songwriter's Marsia Shuron Harris and Adrienne Zolondick. The two met busking on the streets of Boston's Harvard Square in the early 90's, began writing music together, and moved to Key West and formed the popular duo Aye (i-yay). After countless performances and releasing their well received CD "Sweet Life," the pair disbanded in 2001, only to come together again in 2011 as a production team. AyeMusic has a signature sound, especially when the two voices meet in harmony. Adrienne's arrangements are stellar, moving, and enhance Marsia's melodies and rhythms that can breathe life into any song. If you're looking for songs for artists, music for your film, production assistance for your project, backing vocals, vocal arranging, songwriting, musical arrangement, musicians, etc., get in touch (see below). We would love to co-create with you! 


Red Tent Temple
Created for the film "Things We Don't Talk About: Women's Stories From the Red Tent" 
Written by Marsia Shuron Harris/BMI
Performed by Mother Turtle
Produced by Mother Turtle and Adrienne Z.
Arranged by Adrienne Z.  

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