Portraits as Vision Boards

What if you really do get to create your own reality? What if you could see evidence of it everyday? 

This actually does happen all the time. We're just not always paying attention. We think the irate customer or aggressive driver or the kind stranger, surprise gift, or the myriad of other, what I call, "mirror like events," is something outside of ourselves. When really, it's a reflection of something within us. Don't you find, when you're angry, and you stay focused on that anger, that it just gets worse? The momentum of that emotion has a snowball effect. Why not, direct your focus? That's how "Vision" boards become so effective. They help us to focus. They lay out our desires and we give them our attention. We notice how they make us feel. We become aligned with it, and inspired. The vision board is an amazing tool because... it is visual. Images are powerful, and that's why I am excited to now be offering photo sessions that blend some of my work in Healing The Stories We Tell Ourselves with Mother Turtle, with Fine Art Photography. The photo shoot is for anyone who wants to stand in front of the camera lens and affirm their vision for their life. What do you want to see when you look in the mirror? Let's photograph you like that! More info

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