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Meditate & Flow with Mother Turtle 

It has been wonderful offering this session for free to the public and I am hoping more people will hear about it and join in. For centuries meditation has been a tool for well being and connecting with our Divine Source. It can be done any time of day, and when it is done first thing in the morning, it calms the mind and helps to set up your day for more meaningful, pleasing, and easeful experiences. It brings perspective to the way in which you are looking at the world, and helps you to “not sweat the small stuff!” Flow Painting, also known as Fluid Art, or Acrylic Paint Pouring, is a fun way for everyone to create stunning abstract images, relax, and “get in the flow.” You do not have to be an “Artist.” Being you, is enough! Join me, for this unique opportunity to learn not one, but two extraordinary techniques that can assist you in managing daily life by bringing more calm and peace into your day. These are stressful times. What are you doing to decompress? Whatever works for you, do it. Stress is toxic. This is my way of handling it. Fun and focused upon my wellness, not broken-ness, or what's wrong-ness; wellness. Pouring Paint + Meditation = Feeling Good. Come and get it! Sign Up at

Healing The Stories 

We tell ourselves stories in a myriad of ways that once practiced, creates what we believe. Belief affects what is experienced. What are you thinking about something you are wanting? Is it in reach? Whatever you believe about it, the laws of Physics come into play and you find evidence of those beliefs. What if you tailor your negative beliefs and choose to practice thought that builds powerful confidence, feelings of greater security and well being, and holds beneficial  results for your life? Healing the Stories We Tell Ourselves with Mother Turtle can help you look at your beliefs, and how they are working for or against what you are wanting in your life. Together we will journey and I will take you through a process to uncover your stories and bring them into the light where you can decide to keep them, shift them, or let them go. It's a wonderful ride that 100's before you have taken. If you are here, perhaps there is something that is calling you to this work. Many come into it not knowing what to expect, and they leave having found deep healing, self empowerment, personal growth and freedom. If you are thinking about working with me and healing your stories, I encourage you to get in touch with me today. More Info



Bliss Out! 

"Follow your bliss and don't be afraid... doors will open where you didn't know they were going to be." ~ Joseph Campbell 

I have walked my own path from a very young age. I never did quite fit into "the norm." So, I went my own way, believing in my inner guidance and trusting my gut knowing. Some assumed I was naive, because I actually believed in what I was doing! I didn't care what they thought, I followed my bliss and it has led me home, to myself, which winds up being where bliss resides! Wow, revelation. My path has been one of transformation and personal growth, perspective, and one extraordinary experience after another. My world has expanded. It is enriched, and continues to unfold. I appreciate this journey, this Earth, and this life. Follow your bliss. It will not fail you. 

Portraits as Vision Boards 

What if you really do get to create your own reality? What if you could see evidence of it everyday? 

This actually does happen all the time. We're just not always paying attention. We think the irate customer or aggressive driver or the kind stranger, surprise gift, or the myriad of other, what I call, "mirror like events," is something outside of ourselves. When really, it's a reflection of something within us. Don't you find, when you're angry, and you stay focused on that anger, that it just gets worse? The momentum of that emotion has a snowball effect. Why not, direct your focus? That's how "Vision" boards become so effective. They help us to focus. They lay out our desires and we give them our attention. We notice how they make us feel. We become aligned with it, and inspired. The vision board is an amazing tool because... it is visual. Images are powerful, and that's why I am excited to now be offering photo sessions that blend some of my work in Healing The Stories We Tell Ourselves with Mother Turtle, with Fine Art Photography. The photo shoot is for anyone who wants to stand in front of the camera lens and affirm their vision for their life. What do you want to see when you look in the mirror? Let's photograph you like that! More info

Journey to My Passion 


When I was two, my mother tells me that I stood up on a coffee table, assumed the guitar position, waved my arms and proclaimed, “I want to rock and roll!" She laughed, but something must have resonated with her as my young journey with music began at age four. My mother sent me next door to our neighbor's house, where I took organ lessons. I was pretty overwhelmed by the instrument, and the giant, amazonian, old woman teaching me. I remember my little legs swinging on the organ bench. She would tell me to sit still. I felt so small at that organ. It was somehow, like my teacher, bigger than life. It was hard to wrap my brain around what I could possibly do with all the petals and buttons and sliders and keys… I was curious, but the sound scared me! So, at five, I started violin. I really enjoyed playing it. To this day, it is my most favorite sounding instrument (the strings of Gustav Mahler speak to my soul!). For whatever reason, my days as a young violinist were short lived, and I stopped lessons after the first year, but not before excelling to the top of our group and playing a pretty mean Twinkle Twinkle Little Star! lol! Next, came the baritone horn. Brass! I love brass and playing this horn made me happy. I have actually been thinking about playing it again. As a kid, I lugged it to and from school, which was about a half mile or so from home. After a couple years, I couldn’t take it anymore. I was tired of carrying it! It was a little too much for my nine year old to bare. Then at ten, I asked for piano lessons, promised Mom I would stick with it, she spent thousands and bought me a beautiful upright piano, which still sits in her living room today, and I, stuck it out for four years. Thing was, by the time I was twelve, I had lost interest in classical music, but continued to take lessons anyway for the next two years. During that time, I began writing music; mostly, to fool my mother and father into thinking that I was practicing! lol. What a hoot, thinking about that now. I would simply make stuff up. Somehow it came across believable to the parents, but when I went for my next lesson, my teacher expressed great disappointment in my lack of study. She eventually told me that if I was not going to practice, than I should not waste her time or my parents money. She was right, so I quit. Then came high school in the late 70’s. I was familiar with great artists like Stevie Wonder and Aretha, and Mavis Staples and Gladys Night, and popular 70's bands like the Beatles, the Stones and Simon & Garfunkel, but in 1977, I started listening to groups like Crosby Stills Nash and Young, the Grateful Dead, Led Zeppelin, Jethro Tull, ELP, etc. My life was forever changed. I wanted to play guitar! My mother said no. I couldn't blame her. She had invested a lot of time and money already. I told her it would be different this time, and preceded to beg her to buy me an acoustic guitar. She told me no again. I pleaded profusely, “But mom, I promise I’ll play it." She had heard that before. "Really mom, you don't even have to pay for lessons. I'll teach myself. You'll see. Really. Mom? Mom? Mom!" It was an uphill battle, but she finally caved in and bought me the guitar. No lessons. I didn’t care. She took me to the music shop, and I picked out a lovely guitar. It cost a whole $150. 00. I was so excited when I got it home and opened the box. The smell of the wood, the ting of the strings, the velvet in the case. That was it, I fell in love and this romance has lasted for nearly forty years, through which time, I have indeed, rocked and rolled, and sang to my hearts’ content! In retrospect, I see now, that it was all a perfect unfolding, leading me right to where my heart was guiding me. I'm grateful to my mother for allowing me to explore, and discover what was and is my passion. Once I found her, she became my lover. There is nothing that feeds my soul more. Music is my direct connection to the Divine, and a source of strength and inspiration. Music allows me to traverse the universe. Music sets me free. Music is everything. Thanks mom.

With Each Shot See Your Nature 

"With no set form, pull the bow. Release the arrow with no intent. Each shot reveals your character, it shows who you are, what you can do. Each shot must be sincere, use it to foster mind power, bring ki into your tanden, and polish your inner heart.” Kyudo Archery Master Awa Kenzo

Photo & Video: Kyle Bissell

I had my first Archery lesson today. It was brilliant! I learned a lot about not only the bow and arrow, but also about myself. There are many stunning metaphors for life here. The focus and follow through alone, spoke volumes. In the end, I left feeling empowered. Yes, yes, yes. More please! Stay tuned. M

If you want to have your own experience, Please consider joining us for
"Spiritual Archery: Aligning Your Stories with Your Desires"
September 11th at Earthlands
Info Here:


It's been 6 long weeks since my nephews’ beautiful spirit left this physical plane. I think about him every day. It's also been 6 long weeks since I prepared a good meal for myself. I just haven’t felt like it so, I have eaten “quick” foods. Fruit, toast, lots of popcorn, some take out but not much at all. Even that felt tiresome, being that I live on the top of a hill in the middle of nowhere. It takes at least 25 minutes to get anywhere around here. Long story short, I have not been nourished. Last week a friend made me some collards and stir fry rice (thanks Seal). When I took that first bite of collards, my body literally reacted and I found myself vocalizing its yumminess with, “Mmmm” after “Mmmm” after “Mmmm.” It was then that I realized that I hadn’t had any greens in weeks. My body rejoiced and I knew I had to start cooking again. It makes me happy to be in the kitchen, but maybe that was the problem. How could I be happy, after what happened to Matt?  

It has taken me over a week, but today, finally, I prepared and am now eating, what my body thinks is the most delicious soup ever made! lol! It’s full of kale and collards, lentils, oyster AND shiitake mushrooms, onions, carrots, celery, basil, tumeric, cumin, smoked sea salt, Thai red pepper, Italian sausage, and nearly a cup of the freshest purple garlic. Oh, and since it had a spicy kick to it, I finished it with a dollop of plain yogurt and even more red pepper. This soup is off the charts good. I am satisfied and feeling nourished after eating 2 bowls of this deliciousness. Thankfully, I was smart enough to make enough to last me several days. Yay! Deep breath.

Yes, it’s been a long 6 weeks. We have had Matt and his twin sister Morgans’ birthday, as well as (my sisters’) their mothers’ birthday, and I had a birthday too. It honestly was the worst ever for me (I woke up crying and had a rough morning). Even my own mother forgot it was my day. She never has in 53 years. Mattman is gone, and there are no more birthdays here for him. I wish I had spent more time with him. Who knew his life would be so short. Time is a funny thing and a great teacher. Some say Matt is forever young. I say, Matt is free.   

Be nourished everyone. 
With Love,  


Aligning Your Stories with Your Desires 

This is coming up next month and I do hope you will come. Check it out:
Healing the Stories We Tell Ourselves with Mother Turtle Presents:

Aligning Your Stories With Your Desires

This is a powerful way to see what stories/limitting beliefs are negatively affecting your life. Perhaps you already know what they are and are ready to address them. What upsets you? What story are you telling yourself in order to feel that way? We have the ability to change our world, and it starts with our perception. How are you seeing the world around you? That view has everything to do with the way you are feeling in any given moment. It affects what you think, say and do. Are you being controlled by your thoughts, or are you in control of your thinking? There is a misunderstanding out there that you can't possibly control your thoughts or what you feel. But I say you can. And it's easy to do, once  you get the hang of it. I only know this stuff because it is my practice as well. I have learned, that I do not have to be enslaved by my thinking which feeds my emotions. I know I no longer have to carry stories that bring me down. So I encourage you to address the stories that are of no benefit, and free yourself. Feel good. Your work and or workplace can be a source of joy for you. The people you "deal" with (family, friends, coworkers) need not get under your skin. You are in charge of your own well being. You have a say in your experience. Feel however you choose to. Be happy no matter what. It's just like anything else, it takes learning a few skills and then practicing. It's not hard and you will see results fairly quickly. 

In this special "experience," you will be using archery as a tool for launching your desires. Archery has many great metaphors that apply to living a fulfilled life. Focus alone is a game changer. You will learn new ways of approaching your targets and your life. This promises to be quite unique and helpful to you. It's time to align yourself with what you are longing for. You are a creator. Create. 

If you are interested in this incredible journey we have designed for you, please check out the website and register (registration required). Early Bird Discount ends tomorrow.  

I do hope you will come!

MattMan and a Better World 

My nephew Matthew was brutally beaten, and killed. We're all so sad, yet are lifted by memories and funny anecdotes, like what my oldest nephew reflected to us at Matts' memorial service. He talked about how every time he looked at one of the 2 large images of Matt, he could hear him saying, "What are you all so sad about?" Really, Mattman is not gone. He’s still here, just not physically. He lived joyfully. He was loved by many and that showed in the incredible turn out for his memorial service. Some say 300, 400, 500. I lean more toward the 5-600, as the church’s capacity was 700, with every pew comfortably full. Matthew was a great kid, and had recently fallen in love for the first time. He had a new job that he loved as well, and was working toward his big dreams of being a music producer. This is why we cry. For this beautiful life, that was so abruptly extinguished. I know that he is still here with us, as are all of the ancestors. They want us to get together and end the hatred and violence that has killed so many. Enough. What’s it going to take to stop this madness? 

It is possible to live happy and meaningful lives. We must hold ourselves accountable. No problem, nor solution, exists outside of ourselves. We must look within, into the darkness that we carry, and not be afraid to confront it, shine a light on it, befriend it, and heal what needs healing so that we can co-create that peaceful world we all hope for. Peace is not a spectator sport! Let's do the work of healing our stories, then come together as one, in solidarity for a better world.  

Matthew Tyler Murrell 
July 27, 1990 - July 5, 2016 

Yes, I mourn my nephews death, it was a heinous crime. I expect the days will get better, and I am most grateful for Mattmans' short 25 year life. He was so special. We miss you Matthew. May your Spirit Fly Free! Forever Love, Aunt M.