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Meditate & Flow with Mother Turtle 

It has been wonderful offering this session for free to the public and I am hoping more people will hear about it and join in. For centuries meditation has been a tool for well being and connecting with our Divine Source. It can be done any time of day, and when it is done first thing in the morning, it calms the mind and helps to set up your day for more meaningful, pleasing, and easeful experiences. It brings perspective to the way in which you are looking at the world, and helps you to “not sweat the small stuff!” Flow Painting, also known as Fluid Art, or Acrylic Paint Pouring, is a fun way for everyone to create stunning abstract images, relax, and “get in the flow.” You do not have to be an “Artist.” Being you, is enough! Join me, for this unique opportunity to learn not one, but two extraordinary techniques that can assist you in managing daily life by bringing more calm and peace into your day. These are stressful times. What are you doing to decompress? Whatever works for you, do it. Stress is toxic. This is my way of handling it. Fun and focused upon my wellness, not broken-ness, or what's wrong-ness; wellness. Pouring Paint + Meditation = Feeling Good. Come and get it! Sign Up at

Questioning What We Know - Is This Man Really Van Gogh?  

I never knew that was in question. According to an article I just read, apparently, it is, as this image was never officially authenticated by the Van Gogh Museum. While the masses now see this as his face. Is it really him? I find this question fascinating. Here’s an artist whose work I love. He was a prolific painter and produced one great image after the next, only wanting to show and sell his art, but selling only one single piece in his lifetime. He died miserable. After his death, he became known as one of the greatest painters to have ever lived. Funny/odd. Sad. It’s all so tragic and ironic. The work of this master Impressionist, is some of my most favorite. His unique style and expression of brush stroke, color, and emotion, are for me, quite magical and transporting/otherworldly. Brilliant.  You can see some of my favorites, in my growing Pinterest Board entitled Van Gogh

So, who is the man in that now famous photograph?  

Vincent ages 13 and 19.

It is said that Vincent despised photography and supposedly never sat for an adult portrait. There are two rare photographs of him in his youth (above). When I look at these I notice the male in the adult photo has a much sharper nose. Like, a lot. Luckily, we have a means of comparison. VG painted over 34 self portraits, so we at least know, how he saw himself. I myself think that’s enough to know the man’s face, which is uncannily similar to the one in the photograph in question. But… 

Could this be a case of mistaken identity?  

We most likely, will never know. History is curious. Somewhere along the line, someone offered this image as Vincent Van Gogh. Now more than a century has passed and it is believed to be him. But is it? There is a larger conversation here. Much more to contemplate. For me, it’s an opportunity to look at history, and who wrote it. How much do we really know about anything in this vast universe? Are we simply believing what we have been told, and, following suit by doing what we are told?  

Questioning like this, is quite needed in today’s changing world. It is time to engage our minds and read between the lines. To look closely at what is being said and how that affects our lives and the greater collective. Indeed it is a good time for questioning, and correcting, ourselves. The perfect time for opening our eyes and hearts, learning, growing, understanding that we are all in this thing called life, together. As for Vincent, he still lives through each and every one of his amazing paintings. He probably could care less about the guy in the photo. I would imagine him being more upset about dying destitute, and not seeing a cent from what is now a multi billion dollar estate! Go figure. The life of an artist is not always easy, but it is ever so important and potent. Long live the Artist!

Two of my VanGogh favorites:

Lynx or Bobcat? 

I couldn't believe it. The wind picked up quickly and it began to snow like crazy. In minutes, blizzard conditions occurred. Visibility all but vanished. As I pulled out of the driveway, an unfamiliar animal crossed my path. My first thought was, "What the heck was that?" I answered myself and said Bobcat, and then I stuttered, Lynx. Honestly, I know little about Lynx and may have even thought, she and Bobcat were one in the same. I know now, they are not. The Lynx is taller, has a shorter tail, and wears a smile. Kinda reminds me of Alice's Cheshire Cat. The look on Lynx’s face suggests that she knows something. Secrets. She is said to be quite elusive and loves, loves, loves feasting on Hare.  

So, Lynx or Bobcat? I may never know exactly, but I searched the internet looking for the animal that I saw. First searching images of Bobcats, but I couldn’t find one with the coloration I saw. However, I did find images of Canadian Lynx that matched exactly. Except I didn’t think she was very tall, though she was crouched down and running directly into the snow bank. It was almost like she dove down into it when she heard me approaching. It was quick. A glimpse. Lots of snow and wind… yet I did see her. 

She looked like this Canadian Lynx below, though she had a nice coat of snow on her.  

Once down the mountain, the blizzard stopped completely. Abruptly, like I had come through a curtain or veil. It was a snow squall, and wow oh wow, did it dump a bunch of snow and make driving treacherous. At one point I could not see the road at all. This provided me with a metaphor for life. Often the road I travel, may not be visible, but I know that the road exists. During these times of darkness, it’s important to trust what I know, to continue on my path even though it be unclear, to continue with courage and intention, knowing that the fog shall lift and my path once again revealed. 

I am thankful I made it down the mountain safely and I am intrigued by my sighting of Lynx. Life is spectacular. Love is all we need.