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Meditate & Flow with Mother Turtle 

It has been wonderful offering this session for free to the public and I am hoping more people will hear about it and join in. For centuries meditation has been a tool for well being and connecting with our Divine Source. It can be done any time of day, and when it is done first thing in the morning, it calms the mind and helps to set up your day for more meaningful, pleasing, and easeful experiences. It brings perspective to the way in which you are looking at the world, and helps you to “not sweat the small stuff!” Flow Painting, also known as Fluid Art, or Acrylic Paint Pouring, is a fun way for everyone to create stunning abstract images, relax, and “get in the flow.” You do not have to be an “Artist.” Being you, is enough! Join me, for this unique opportunity to learn not one, but two extraordinary techniques that can assist you in managing daily life by bringing more calm and peace into your day. These are stressful times. What are you doing to decompress? Whatever works for you, do it. Stress is toxic. This is my way of handling it. Fun and focused upon my wellness, not broken-ness, or what's wrong-ness; wellness. Pouring Paint + Meditation = Feeling Good. Come and get it! Sign Up at


Has anyone ever swallowed something sharp, like a fish bone or a piece of shell? I have swallowed many fish bones growing up with a father who loved fishing, and who I joined on many many occasions. It was kind of our father-daughter activity. It's one of my favorite memories with Dad. Anyhow, getting one of those sharp bones stuck in your throat can be scary, but nothing like what I experienced yesterday at a local restaurant. I was eating some pretty dang yummy scallops and I am guessing there was a shell that I didn't see in the dark lighting. When I swallowed I knew I was in trouble, as it felt like a knife going across my throat and I knew I couldn't swallow without lodging it in further and creating a very bad situation for myself. So, I remembered my aunt choking on a fish bone, during a holiday gathering. She came frantically into the kitchen where I was, and she was looking around with incredible urgency. She saw a loaf of bread and tore it open with fervor! Pieces flew onto the counter and floor. She grabbed some and swallowed a mouthful. I could see the relief in her face and, eventually she told me she was choking. I didn't realize it because she was so intentional and focused. I think this memory may have saved me from a most unfortunate experience. Barely able to speak, I calmly asked Eleanor for the bread and ate a large piece. It forced the sharp edge out of my throat and I felt it scraping it's way down through my esophagus. It was painful and quite scary. I'm o.k. today, but my throat was raw for many hrs. I'm grateful that I did not panic and that I ordered that second round of bread!!! I'm sure a medical professional would not suggest our putting anything else in our mouths when we are choking, and honestly I probably would not have if i had not had that experience with my aunt. In this case, it helped. Be careful out there. And no matter what, stay calm! Mother Turtle