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Lynx or Bobcat? 

I couldn't believe it. The wind picked up quickly and it began to snow like crazy. In minutes, blizzard conditions occurred. Visibility all but vanished. As I pulled out of the driveway, an unfamiliar animal crossed my path. My first thought was, "What the heck was that?" I answered myself and said Bobcat, and then I stuttered, Lynx. Honestly, I know little about Lynx and may have even thought, she and Bobcat were one in the same. I know now, they are not. The Lynx is taller, has a shorter tail, and wears a smile. Kinda reminds me of Alice's Cheshire Cat. The look on Lynx’s face suggests that she knows something. Secrets. She is said to be quite elusive and loves, loves, loves feasting on Hare.  

So, Lynx or Bobcat? I may never know exactly, but I searched the internet looking for the animal that I saw. First searching images of Bobcats, but I couldn’t find one with the coloration I saw. However, I did find images of Canadian Lynx that matched exactly. Except I didn’t think she was very tall, though she was crouched down and running directly into the snow bank. It was almost like she dove down into it when she heard me approaching. It was quick. A glimpse. Lots of snow and wind… yet I did see her. 

She looked like this Canadian Lynx below, though she had a nice coat of snow on her.  

Once down the mountain, the blizzard stopped completely. Abruptly, like I had come through a curtain or veil. It was a snow squall, and wow oh wow, did it dump a bunch of snow and make driving treacherous. At one point I could not see the road at all. This provided me with a metaphor for life. Often the road I travel, may not be visible, but I know that the road exists. During these times of darkness, it’s important to trust what I know, to continue on my path even though it be unclear, to continue with courage and intention, knowing that the fog shall lift and my path once again revealed. 

I am thankful I made it down the mountain safely and I am intrigued by my sighting of Lynx. Life is spectacular. Love is all we need.