Healing The Stories

We tell ourselves stories in a myriad of ways that once practiced, creates what we believe. Belief affects what is experienced. What are you thinking about something you are wanting? Is it in reach? Whatever you believe about it, the laws of Physics come into play and you find evidence of those beliefs. What if you tailor your negative beliefs and choose to practice thought that builds powerful confidence, feelings of greater security and well being, and holds beneficial  results for your life? Healing the Stories We Tell Ourselves with Mother Turtle can help you look at your beliefs, and how they are working for or against what you are wanting in your life. Together we will journey and I will take you through a process to uncover your stories and bring them into the light where you can decide to keep them, shift them, or let them go. It's a wonderful ride that 100's before you have taken. If you are here, perhaps there is something that is calling you to this work. Many come into it not knowing what to expect, and they leave having found deep healing, self empowerment, personal growth and freedom. If you are thinking about working with me and healing your stories, I encourage you to get in touch with me today. More Info



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