Chocolate, Lead & Cadmium

I have had chocolate once since the mid 90's. I had terrible reactions to it. Emotional, mental, biochemical. Thanks to a dear friend who figured it out before I did (Adrienne)... I figured it was some kind of allergy, so I stopped eating it in 1995. I did try it once in the early 2000's and that brownie left me feeling suicidal! So, no chocolate for me. People try to convince me to eat 100% cacoa but I don't have the nerve. Too risky, as I see it. But maybe the mystery has been solved, to the reason for my chocolate induced insanity! Check out the link below to an article that says there is both lead and cadmium in most major brands of chocolate! Wow. Go here:

LEAD & CADMIUM FOUND IN CHOCOLATE – Is it in your favorite brand? Check here!

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