With all that is going on right now, in this country and abroad, it is more important than ever to focus upon our victory and less upon our challenges. We are a powerful people, and we are being called to stand up for what is just and in the best interest of all life. Too much focus on the problem keeps it active. Keep looking at and for the solutions. Take action where you can, and at the very least meditate/pray/focus your energy on our well being. It's pretty simple really. Ask yourself what makes you feel better, fear or hopefulness? To be hopeful is not to be blind to our present day circumstances. To be hopeful, is to create our future! I've said it before, the power of the mind must never be overlooked. When we create strong intentions and hold them steady, we attract exactly what we intend. So today I ask that you use your energy in mindful ways. Quiet the fear and imagine planetary well being. We're going to go through whatever is here for us, but we are not going to stay here, in this place. Life is evolving, the question is, what do we want to evolve into? Now hold that vision strong! Mother Turtle out. 

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