It’s Time

After reading my last post, I realize how reactive I have been. Truth is, I am tired. Tired of the bigotry, the arguments, the division, the inflicted pain. I’m tired of cruelty, ignorance and closed mindedness. Tired of self righteous critics, liars and thieves. Tired of judgment, ridicule and hate. Tired of the desecration of what is sacred on this earth, and the abuse perpetuated in the name of God.
Why is it so hard to
L O V E?
It’s time for us to hold ourselves accountable.
It’s time to take personal responsibility for everything that we think, say and do.
Finger pointed at self.
Eyes in the mirror.
Bravery and understanding.
Shifting and Evolving.
It’s time to put to rest what is antiquated and unjust, what is broken and unsustainable, that which no longer serves life or the living.
It’s time to wake up, come together, and STOP BEING AFRAID. 

Here’s an idea: Do something different. See an Independent film, listen to independent music, check out local artisans, learn about food and natural remedies. Get off the grid. Turn off the television. Travel. Travel. Travel. Meet new people. See them. See their humanity, their spirit. Step out of the norm and open our eyes to what is beautiful in this world. Give. Give our gifts. Let our lights shine. Dance like never before! Free ourselves from the chains of oppression. Expand and grow. Bless others with our good wishes. Hold all life sacred.


As I pour these words onto the page, I understand that this thing called Facebook is not always factual. Just because it’s written and has a believable graphic, doesn’t mean it’s true. Reading between the lines these days is crucial. I’ll do my best to remember that.

Be well everyone. Peace, love, and always, always, MUSIC. xo M

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