The Beautiful Sea

When I lived on Key West, I spent my days in the water and nights playing music. As you can imagine, this was an easy routine to settle into. The ocean called to me every day, and every day I answered. I began my relationship with her by learning how to snorkel, which for me at the time, a marginal swimmer, felt completely liberating, as breathing underwater became possible! I first explored the shallow waters and was amazed by the beauty of the sea. The fish, the underwater landscape, and, oh, the black coral! It was mesmerizing. I played amongst it for hours. Even now, when I think of it, I can feel its rhythm and grace, swaying back and forth under the seas’ current. I so loved that. Fast forward 25 years and here I am living on a hilltop surrounded by state forest, where I am working with acrylics and creating what is known as Fluid Art paintings. I call these creations, "Whirldz." Over the past several months, what has emerged, is a series of abstract ocean images. I am reveling in the feelings that they are bringing up for me and the memory of a time I spent submerged and in discovery. It was a magical time. One I’ll not forget, and now, I am enjoying that experience of the ocean on a mountain, amongst the trees. Funny and yummy too! There are more abstract seascapes to come, and I look forward to the body of work created. For now, I’m happy with what is here and very eager for more!

"Snorkeling" by Marsia Shuron 

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