Take Back Your Mind - The Bright Side

We often forget how powerful our thoughts are. This is not solely of our own doing, we are greatly affected by the ton of stimuli being fired at us every second of the day. Between the mass marketing of unhealthy foods, to the media's relentless advertising, and this new love of technology with it's plethora of devices, many people are simply overloaded and sleeping. Life is put on remote and the once inspired, now disappointed parts of ourselves, check out. To reverse these effects of a society that is detaching more and more from our natural ways of being, let's take the time to re-energize our soul and spirit. Without this regeneration, we eventually forget who we are, life becomes mundane, lacking meaning, and promoting depression, addiction, and a disassociation from present day reality. We succumb to the machine that helps us to forget. Thus losing our minds. We need silence. Silence is a gift. It is that place where we can access our true nature and inner wisdom. How tragic to live a lifetime and not hear it. There's no mistake, silence is golden. There are many treasures to be found there. It's all we need to take back our minds. Am I suggesting that everyone have a strict practice of meditation? No, and, yes. Meditation can come in many forms. Traditional, non traditional, any will do. I myself love to sit and listen to the song of the river or the cascading sea. I find the sound to be healing, and it always relieves whatever heaviness I may be carrying in my heart. This is a meditation for me. I also write, like now, I empty my thoughts onto paper, which in turn gives me clarity, even if I am writing to you. My music is another meditation. When I compose, I tap into source and I become a clear channel for the music to come through. When I engage my camera, I am in meditation, a beautiful meditation where I commune with life up close and personal. I have learned so much looking through the lens. Images that speak to me long after the picture is taken. I could live lifetimes in just one photograph! Honestly, I love the gentle feel of sitting alone in quietude. My meditation is personal, do what's right for you. Whatever it is, need only bring you calm and into your center. Making time for quiet in our lives, feeds and aligns us with what serves our highest well being. Life expands, changes, and grows. Our thoughts seem fleeting and unimportant, yet they have much to do with what we experience. We co-create the world with our every word, belief and action. Though many are unconscious of this. Life is on auto pilot, and they are powerless to forces beyond their control. It is not their fault, they are enslaved by the system. They have been brain washed into thinking that they are powerless. This is not true. We are more powerful than we realize. Why not see ourselves for the galaxy of potential that we are? Then we can choose to use this power to better our own lives, and enrich the lives of others. It is time humans, as a species, evolve. Enough of this looking at all the bad in the world. That's the media. Get out there and experience life, not have some one tell you what life is. Have a broader perspective so that it becomes easier to open to that which we don't understand or already know. We are each and every one, gifted, and capable of great things! Each life matters. Spending more time appreciating life, rather than complaining about it, attracts more of what we appreciate. We are creators. We do this by our every thought, word, and deed. May we know this at our core and remember it through the hard times, helping to make it easier to look for, and actually see, the bright side.