Quick and Yummy

I'm in writing mode today. Music is flowing and I wanted a quick something to eat. I was not willing to distract myself from my musings long enough to make a meal so, tearing through the frig I discovered the bok choy. Yummy healthy goodness that it is. I was happy to save it from molecular breakdown as I had forgotten it was there. That happens a lot these days. The forgetting. Funny how memory is. Maybe we forget because honestly, after living a half century or more, simply, some things just are not as important as they may have once been. My spirit wants to focus on clearing away, letting go and really living. You know what I mean? I digress... Add these fixin's or toppings of your choice. I will add cucumbers next time and a little lemon. Try your own and share the goodness! To our health! Mother Turtle

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