Sucked In!

A friend and I were canoeing down the Chattahoochie river, when after going down a crazy waterfall, we were sucked into a hydraulic. For those who don’t know (as neither of us knew at the time), a strong hydraulic current is one of the most dangerous things we could encounter on a river. It is powerful and difficult, if not impossible, to navigate out of without help. Getting into the water was not an option for us, it wouldn’t be for you either… the hydraulic sucks down any and everything in its wake. Attempting to “swim for it” would have ended in tragedy. We looked around to see what we could do. The boat was wedged tight between the rocks and it was not budging. There was a downed tree in the water and it’s far away branches seemed to reach out to us but we could not reach them. Fortunately, we were white water canoeing with a group of fellow high school students, and my friend and I were eventually rescued by our more experienced, though definitely worried, guide. We trusted him and listened to his every word. He did not fail us, but instead pulled us to safety. 

Remembering this story, I am asking the question today, when sucked into life’s hydraulic’s, how does one save herself? My only answer at this time is, she doesn’t. She needs help. A hydraulic is relentless, sucking and sucking until it has you pinned and unmoving. As a metaphor, I can see how this has played out in my life. And, I have been saved time and time again. My life (boat) is blessed, and I am thankful. So, keep your eyes open out there, and beware of life’s hydraulics! They may take you down, but there is help for you. Reach out, trust, and listen.

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