Behind The Song "Picture"


Written by Marsia Shuron Harris  
Performed by Aye   
Produced by David Tortolano and Aye  
Recorded by David Tortolano/Cosmo Recording

This song is one of my personal favorites. I wrote it on a rainy day in a loft overlooking the Boston Commons circa 1991. I always enjoy playing this song and can still feel the rain misting on my face, as I remember laying in bed, directly beneath an open skylight during a Fall rainstorm. The pitta patter of the rain is in the rhythm. It all felt so buoyantly surreal and completely bizarre. My muse was wildly amused and danced her dance with me for 48hrs or so. She took me on an incredible journey that was such an unusual though great, adventure. The song was recorded in 2000 by David Tortolano and performed by the duo AYE (Mother Turtle and Adrienne Z. ). Laura Wood does a great job on percussion, and the child's voice at the beginning was one of those magical gifts that happened by accident... not! How odd, this thing called art can be, and, I am ever so grateful for it! Listen to "Picture."

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